February 23, 2016

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Garage door openers are made for several years currently and like all things mechanical and electronic the technology has leapt forward the previous couple of years. The older garage door openers were forever 240 V motors with an important duty exposed chain and extremely basic remote controls exploitation handsets the scale of a brick! In fairness several had a ‘belt and braces’ kind approach and would raise most doors albeit with a really aggressive tug and so slamming the door border the opposite direction.

As with any electrical item you’ll solely get what you get and with a garage door opener – the results is way more serious as plenty of mechanics square measure concerned in addition. Bear in mind conjointly you’re truly investing in a ‘machine’ that is remote operated, and safety ought to be the number one concern!

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and technology currently means that we’ve got as customary in any quality factory-made openers the subsequent features:

  • 24 V DC motors for quiet and reliable operation.

  • Soft begin and SOF stop throughout operation to scale back wear and tear on the door mechanism.

  • Sturdy, semi coated towing booms with nylon, Kevlar or quality steel chain drives.

  • Electronic surge detector technology to observe obstacles and reverse terribly quickly if hit

  • Built in courtesy lighting for lighting the garage on entry

  • Rolling code technology for the radio systems for security

  • Very slim styles requiring solely 25-40mm higher than the door height to put in

  • Built in hook latches for additional security within the towing arm (Hormann only)

Beyond this basic specification the list of non-mandatory extras conjointly out there on several of the upper finish models is over the majority would ever need including:

  • Digital keypads

  • Electric Key switches

  • Security Diamond State latch kits for internal protection

  • Card reader systems

  • Finger reader systems

  • Auto timers for closing

So who manufactures these quite reliable garage door openers? Well there are many USA and European manufacturers and many do offer some or all of the specification mentioned above, however be wary of openers not tried and tested for at least a few years from companies simply trying to copy existing manufacturers. for more info call  Garage Door Repair Bothell!

For the last 30 years we have found the following to be by far the most reliable and best value for money and if you need the

ultimate garage door opener in Bothell:

  • Lift Master

  • Seip

  • Marantec

  • Garador (Hormann operators)

  • Somfy

All these five corporations manufacture garage door openers, factory-made and sold by their own facilities with long standing expertise in development. All of them use the newest technology and safety facilities out there and have prime quality parts.

at  Garage Door Repair Bothell we are currently assessing many others but it is early days yet to comment too much on reliability and after all reliability is the key to bothering to have a remote control electric opener in the first place.

When you have paid good money for the luxury and convenience of opening your garage door from your car or inside your home the last thing you expect is to have to detach it and lift the door manually because there is a problem with the operator itself!

Contact Garage Door Repair Bothell today if you are thinking about getting the best for your garage door opener options in Bothell!

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