February 23, 2016

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We are the Best Garage Door Repair service in Duvall. Our Garage Door Repair Company in Duvall is the best in garage door repair, replacement and installation. Call Garage Door Repair Duvall Today and Save!Garage Door repair Duvall

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at Garage Door Repair Duvall we repair and install any type of garage door springs and garage door openers on one appointment  for Duvall Garage Door Repair Call  (206) 400-7319

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Tips to help with your Garage door security in Duvall

Older garage doors with a single/twin cable latching can be easily broken into as most locks on this old types offer little resistance to force and once forced and broken the handle will operate the latch. This can be forced even with very small and common tools.

Thanks, that more recently manufactured garage doors are provided with at least two points of locking and the better ones use a steel rod rather than a cable system. These new types are operated by a rotary type handle and the cylinder barrel is separately positioned to the handle itself so breaking the handle gets a potential thief nowhere.

These days, top quality manufacturers use a box section steel chassis construction with maximum resistance to force in the corners which can be further enhanced with 4 point locking, a latch point in each corner.

In check, double plated aluminum and steel insulated roller shutter and sectional garage doors are amongst the best for offering resistance to security lapses and attacks as the panels are very strongly made.

Garage door security in Duvall should be taken seriously and every measure meant to put a further security close-up is essential and must be carried out.

at Garage Door Repair Duvall we can help you with our offering of very good security upgrades for many of the garage doors including the lock barrels themselves. ‘Anti lock bumping’ and ‘anti lock snapping’ features are available from us for those of you who have heard of this practice and require real garage door security in Duvall.

Note that many of the top quality electric operators also offer very high levels of security not only in the mechanics but also with the electronics used and we can help advice you or install the best for your garage door safety reasons.

Best Automatic Garage Door Openers in Duvall for your garage door security is now at your door step, simply give us a call now to discuss what is best suited for you.

Our Modern automatic garage door opener installation features rolling-code technology, where your remote will transmit a brand new security code each time you press your remote. This has over 100 billion codes, so code manipulators can’t break it. Always ensure that your opener features this rolling-code technology!

Below are basic tips to keep your garage door secured in Duvall:

  • Be careful not to leave the garage door remote in your vehicle as if a thief breaks in to your car and steals the remote, he has a way into your home.

  • Ensure the door from your garage into your house is as secure as your front door – Make sure you have a strong door made out of solid hard wood or reinforced steel and install an Anti-Kick device like the Door Devil on it.

  •  Padlock the throw latch on your garage door when you’re out of town – If you don’t have a manual lock on your garage door, you can use a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door track to effectively “lock” down the door.

  • Always do maintenance on the mechanical parts of your roll-up garage door and keep an eye out for corrosion and never forget the door from your garage to your house – check the frame, locks, hinges and any replaceable items.

  • Contact us today for your best garage door security in Duvall today and stay safe forever!

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