February 23, 2016

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Our Garage Door Repair Company in Mercer Island, WA is the best in Garage Door Repair, Replacement and Installation. We are the best garage door Repair company in the whole of Mercer Island region area. Call Garage Door Repair Mercer Island and Save!

Garage door springs come in 2 major classifications i.e. the torsion springs and the extension springs. Garage door torsion springs are plotted with 5 designs named as below:

1. Standard Residential Torsion Springs & Standard Commercial Torsion Springs, 

2. EZ-Set Torsion Springs, 

3. Torque master Torsion Springs, 

4. Mini-Warehouse Torsion Springs, and 

5. Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs.


 And Garage door extension springs are plotted with 2 designs named as below: 

1. Sectional Garage Door Extension Springs and

2. One-Piece Garage Door Extension Springs.

Mercer Island Garage Door Repair

What are the basic functions of Garage door springs?

Garage door springs help to balance the weight of the door so as to ensure easy opening and closure.

Thinking of replacing garage door springs on your own accord could be very dangerous because of the torque in a wound torsion spring or the stretch in an extended extension spring. Garage door maintenance regularly involves replacing garage door parts that are tied into the spring system, and several accidents, injuries/deaths have transpired for those who don’t  understand the mechanics.

Garage door torsion springs are held to a metal shaft right above a garage door. The torsion spring unwinds and winds up as the garage door is opened and closed to ensure a well-adjusted system.

We should note the garage door spring lift, which determines what measure of door weight the spring can lift, and also the spring cycle which determines how many times a garage door can be opened and closed before the spring breaks.

What happens when there is a Broken Garage Door Spring?

Garage door springs may break when there is a high variation in temperature, or when the spring is not well adjusted or maintained, or when it experiences wear and tear over time. Once a garage door spring breaks, it is very obvious and will cause the door not to move at all. It also causes a very loud noise when broken and may be extremely dangerous to bystanders if it snaps. When garage door spring breaks, the door comes down and in some cases the garage door spring may snap while the door is up or in motion. Please never attempt to move or operate your door in such condition.

What do you do when your garage door spring breaks? The best option is to consult an expert to help repair or replace it.

For all Garage door spring repairs in Mercer Island, contact us to help you fix it in a quick time response. We repair and install garage door panels, springs, sensors, openers, other hardware, and more. Your safety is our number 1 priority.

One important principle to adhere to is that no one should ever be standing or walking under the door when it is opening or closing, especially if the door is manual instead of an electric opener. When the garage door springs are working fittingly, the door will appear nearly weightless, but can turn out to be a calamity when the springs suddenly fail.

Garage  Door Repair Mercer Island, replace or install garage door springs in Mercer Island is now close to you! 


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