Garage Door Inspection Chicago

Do you think you need a garage door inspection Chicago home owner? When was the last time you had some one checked it? For Chicago and suburbs homes, schedule a visit form an expert today.

Victor Garage Door in Chicago can do it for you nice and easy. You can also carry out a step by step process to ensure all parts are working fine. It will also help you to spot any future problems on your system.

In Chicago and close suburbs a garage door inspection needs to be done right before and after there winter days. Freezing temperatures can interrupt a good working garage door or opener. Here is some of the basic thing to check when you doing the inspection yourself.

First check the metal tracks of the garage door so that there are no bumps, dents or screws sticking out. If the garage door track is damaged, straighten it out carefully using a hammer and a wood block so that rollers moves along the track without hassle.

Also door might be sticky due to formation of a thick sticky substance along the tracks from grease and dust. This can be corrected by cleaning the rails and rollers using mild soap.

Check to see if there loose bolts or screws. The hinges come loose after a few years. Use a 7/16 sock or wrench to tighten. Check if the garage doors need to be repaired.

Ensure to maintain clean tracks while keeping the door aligned properly. If it’s the opener that is causing the trouble something might have gone wrong during the garage door opener installation.

It can also be that is old and needs to be updated. In this case contact a pro for Garage Door inspection in Chicago or in your town and get it replaced or corrected.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Garage door broken spring check

In some cases it might not be as severe as a broken spring. The door will open a few inches before drops back to the ground. When you find a broken spring call your local expert to get help. Do not attempt to do this repair yourself.

Garage door inspection should be done a couple of times a year to ensure it will be in the best shape and performance.

Call your Local Garage Door Experts

In case the spring is actually broken, you need to make note of the type of spring used in the garage door. If the spring is a standard one for extension garage doors it can be fixed or replaced by a handy homeowner.

It is not safe to replace one yourself since springs are walls under extreme force. However, if it is a torsion spring it is necessary that you call services offering expert garage door repairs.

If you do not know how to repair a garage door, do not meddle with it as the spring is always under high tension, which if not kept in mind might hurt you and cause further damage to the door. Consult a garage door repair company in your town.  

If you are not sure about the extent of damage and enquire if repairs are sufficient or door needs replacement. Do not make any rush decisions as it can be quiet expensive to have a new door installed.

You can also watch this Youtube video by InterNACHI
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors for a more visual process on how to do a garage door inspection Chicago.