Garage Door Maintenance Chicago
Lubricate Rollers, Hinges and Springs

Garage Door Maintenance 

It is recommended to schedule a garage door maintenance Chicago at least once a year. Call you local garage door experts in your town.

They will give full diagnosis of the problem and ensure your garage door opener stays on top of the issues and also help to tighten all bolts/screws, lubricate garage door panel hinges, rollers, and springs, adjust garage door opener settings, lubricate garage door opener sprocket and chain, check down-force pressure of garage door opener, align electronic eyes if applicable for garage door opener and as may be required after our diagnosis.

Who to call

For you total garage door maintenance in Chicago, call your local expert. They are the company to trust and rely on as they are the ones who will respond quickly. They are attentive of your needs and apprehensions.

Simply give them a call today. You will get the best of service that will give you a satisfaction you well deserve.

Don’t ever take chances with a faulty garage door. It isn’t a toy to be played with. It could be very unsafe for you and your children if not cared for.

Trap point when faults come up and please ensure that your family keeps a clear distance from the garage door while it is in motion.

More than maintenance

They will ensure that you and your family members understand garage door opener emergency release and how to use it. All these and more are what you get from them.

It isn’t just a one-off repair company but one that is caring and gives safety advice measures to its clients.

They work with their customers as like with their own very family. This is why when you are truly satisfied, we are happy! Your happiness and safety is a topmost priority.

Tune ups

Your garage door needs tune-up services from experts. They offer a garage door tune-up service.

It is a general preventive regular check-up on all the important machinery of the garage door system.

Carry out basic door and opener maintenance to make sure your garage door works effectively. Doing this averts tragic accidents and expensive property damage.

It can have a negative impact on a homeowner if caught unprepared. Tuneup goes a long way in increasing your garage door’s lifespan.

It is best if your garage tune-up is only performed by a trained professional.

Garage door maintenance Chicago help in preventing wears and tears.

When they are in a poor working condition, they fail to provide security and convenience.

If you ignore them, they can pollute the noise and become risky to your family members. It is, therefore, advisable to service your garage door at least once a year.

Do it yourself

Garage door repair

We Are Garage Door will tell you how to give maintenance yourself, all you need to do is use a spay lube and apply it to all crevices of moving parts.

You can get garage door spry lube at your local store by the garage door area. WD40 is not recommended.

Start by spraying inside the rollers, hinges, pulleys opener pins, opener rail, end bearings, and springs.

Check door for any loose screws, lose cables, ceiling mounts and bent tracks.

Check your garage door opener chain. If you see it lose, grab a 1/2 inch wrench and tighten.

Make sure its not completely tight. Let the chain hung about 1/4 niche in the middle of the opener rail.

Pull red string to have the door on manual position and feel the balance. Door should open and close in little effort from you. Door is well balanced if a 70 year old lady can safely open and close the door manually.