Garage Door Spring Chicago

Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago

When you need a garage door spring repair in Chicago keep it simple schedule a professional repair. An expert can fix it or they can get you a brand new garage door system too.

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Best Garage Door Spring Repair Company in Chicago

We found Victor Garage Door to be the best garage door spring repair company in Chicago based on their cost, warranty and their reviews. As of January 30th of 2020, they have ⭐ 5 stars on this type of service.

Chicago home owners really like the way they take care of the spring replacement and they offer a 2 year warranty on their work.

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How do Garage Door Springs work?

There are two popular springs systems in the Chicago area. Torsion springs and extensions springs. Torsion is the newer, safer, and more reliable of the two.

The weight of a garage door is being counterbalanced with the pull force of your garage door spring. The spring makes it easier to close and open the garage door. They are responsible for lifting 90% of your door weight.

A spring is needed for the effective and efficient use of the garage door.

The weight of the spring has to correspond to that of the garage door for proper balance. For instance, if a spring is needed for a garage door that weighs 130 pounds, a spring that has a force of 130 pounds would be needed to pull against the weight of the garage door.

For any spring related work, keep it simple and schedule a garage door repair in Chicago. with your local experts like Victor Garage Door.

In Chicago Garage door springs could be either a Torsion spring or Extension spring.

Torsion springs

Broken garage door spring
Showing a broken garage door spring

In Chicago and suburbs Torsion springs for garage doors are always secured above the garage door to a metal tube. Garage door torsion spring balances the garage door using torque to the shaft with drums at the ends. As the door opens and closes the torsion spring unwinds and winds in order to get a weight balance system for the garage door.

This way for more about Chicago garage door repair.

Extension springs

Extension garage doors springs are mounted above the doors horizontal tracks or at the side of the garage doors. Garage door extension spring counter balances the weight of the door. They stretch and contract as the door opens and closes. Garage door spring Chicago break every 12 years or so.

Garage Door Spring Repair Chicago needs

Your springs can still be adjusted when is not broken. The repair could be just adjusting the garage door spring.  This simply by adding a couple of turns on your torsion springs.

For extension springs, adjusting the position of the hooks where the springs attach to the track pf your door.

If the garage door feels too heavy adding a few turns might solve the problem. If it’s door is too light, taking off a couple of turns will balance the weight. This will work only if you have the correct spring size.

There are cases where the garage door won’t close properly; adjusting the spring might solve this problem.

The problems associated with garage door springs could be, gap along the floor when the door is closed, too much tension on the spring etc. Adjusting the spring can solve these problems associated to the garage door opener.

Should you replace your garage door spring yourself?

Garage door spring repair DIY is done when you want to save money; it is far less expensive when compared to replacement. Repairing can be very dangerous because the door has to be down and the springs are loaded i.e. under a lot of tension. Check tips on garage door safety here.

Imagine the kind of force in a spring that is used to balance a 250 pound door. The force in the spring alone is enough to cause serious injury and harm to the repairer or someone close by.

To do garage door spring repair, brace the door before adjusting springs, clamp the track below the roller. To lower the tension on the spring, move the hook one hole away from the door frame, try adjusting it one hole at a time, it will get to a time where the door will close properly.